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SOL Review Resources - Grades 3-5

In an effort to make it as easy as possible, here are links to help kids review for their SOL tests. All of these links work on all Internet enabled devices including smartphones and tablets unless otherwise noted.

Actual Tests From Previous Years(released to public)

Third Grade Reading 2015

Fourth Grade Reading 2015

Fifth Grade Reading 2015

Third Grade Math 2014

Fourth Grade Math 2014

Fifth Grade Math 2014

Fifth Grade History 2014

Fifth Grade Science 2015

Practice Resources

Online SOL Quizzes

SOL Pass

General Resources and Multi-Subject Areas




Fact Monster

Sheppard Software

Kid Rex (search engine)

BrainPOP Jr

Interactive Sites by Topic

Study Jams

PBS Kids


Blue Ribbon Readers

FunBrain Reading

Storyline Online

Into the Book

Story Nory

Read, Write, Think


Grammar Blast

Story Place

Grammar Gold


Math Manipulatives

Math Playground

FunBrain Math

Math is Fun 

AAA Math

A+ Math

Cyber Chase PBS

Math Resource Portaportal

Science/Social Studies

Nat Geo Kids

Kids Geo

Kids Place

NASA Kids Club

History is Fun


NIEHS Kids' Page

Bill Nye

Jefferson Lab

Ben's Guide

American Historical Biographies

Mission US