Our Staff

Street Address
Linkhorn Park Elementary
977 First Colonial Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

E-Mail Contacts

Office Hours
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Student Hours
8:40 a.m. - 3:10 p.m. (exceptholidays)

Phone Numbers
Voice: 757.648.2920
Fax: 757.496.6750
Clinic: 757.648.2927
Cafeteria: 757.648.2929
Library: 757.648.2939
Gym: 757.648.2920 ext.4245
Guidance: 757.648.2932


Office Staff

Mr. Dale Holt



Mrs. Kathleen Scarborough

Assistant Principal


Ms. Angela Masciulli

Office Manager and Bookkeeper


Mrs. Lynda Pierce



Mrs. Reesee Michalochick



Mrs. Sherri Stephenson

Technology Support Technician


Ms. Sally English




Ms. Maggie Penix



Ms. Becky Davis




Ms. Houlihan and Ms. Smokler

Room 3


Miss Matthews and Mrs. Kuklica

Room 1


Ms. Person and Mrs. Pocta

Room 2


Mrs. Zdelar

Room 12


First Grade

Mrs. Clark

Room 5


Ms. Gartenlaub

Room 10


Mrs. Magee

Room 11


Ms. Neal

Room 10


Mrs. Wareing

Room 24


Second Grade

Mrs. Austin

Room 18


Mrs. Pearson

Room 14


Mrs. L Phillips

Room 15


Miss Scarano

Room 16


Mrs. Shugrue

Room 17


Mrs. Zdelar

Room 5


Third Grade

Mrs. Bass

Room 23


Mrs. DiTommaso

Room 4


Mrs. Kampfmueller

Room 20


Ms. Lohse

Room 24


Mrs. Manley

Room 22


Mrs. Murden

Room 19


Ms. Smart

Room 21


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Beardsley

Room 34


Mrs. Brinkac

Room 30


Mrs. DiTommaso

Room 4


Mrs. Lehner

Room 33


Mrs. Roberson

Room 31


Mrs. Schulte

Room 32


Mrs. Wareing

Room 24


Fifth Grade

Mrs. DiTommaso

Room 4


Miss Graham

Room 26


Ms. Lohse

Room 24


Mrs. Pascual

Room 25


Mrs. S Phillips

Room 28


Mrs. Ramirez

Room 28


Ms. Vinson

Room 27



Mrs. Anders

Cafe Manager


Mr. Bakner

Instructional Technology Specialist


Mrs. Bash

Reading Resource


Mrs. DiGioia

Reading Resource


Ms. Wykle



Ms. English



Ms. Gibbs

Library Media Specialist


Mrs. Coleman

Library Assistant


Mrs. Wight

School Counselor


Mr. Wood

School Counselor


Mrs. Herring



Ms. Alley



Mrs. Mattson



Mrs. Simmelink

Physical Education


Ms. Jack

English as a Second Language


Mr. McClain

Gifted Resource Teacher